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Steel warehouse Building for Slae June 21, 2014

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Specifications of our Steel Warehouse Building
1. The main structure of our steel warehouse building is made in portal frame steel structure.
2. The roof features clear span, double slope in which, the gradient is 1:10, eave height is 6m and the column space is of 6m.
3. The beam column of our steel warehouse building is made using welded H shaped steel.
4. The purlin uses thin-walled C shaped steel.
5. Our steel warehouse building uses claddings in different material including single plate, single plate plus glass cotton, and EPS composite plate.
6. The doors of our steel warehouse building are made including sliding doors, substrate of 0.5mm and EPS composite board of 50mm.
7. In addition windows are built adopting monolayer windows and plastic steel of 6mm.

Advantages of our Steel Warehouse Building
The steel warehouse building features light weight, high strength, wide span, fast construction, low cost, fire resisting, corrosion resisting, durability, low maintenance, easy moving, pollution-free when recycled, etc.
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