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Prefab house is widely used in remote areas as resident houses, construction accommodations, office, classroom, clinics, oil field camps, offshore accommodation, labor camps, guardrooms, container house and mobile house, the prefab house has advantages in easy installation, low time and labor cost, being economical and environmentally friendly. The main frame work is light steel structure and the wall&roof panel is sandwich type. All steel parts are connected by screws.

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Steel prefab house used Light Steel Structural as frame work , Sandwich panel as Wall panel and Roof panel , The Steel parts connected by screw , easily install ,widely used for  : Resident house(multi-bedroom)  , Construction Accomodation ,  Office  ,Classroom ,  Clinics  , Oil Field Camps , Offshore accommodation  ,   Labor Camps ,Guard Houses  , Container  house , Mobile house . fast manufacture , easily installation , lower cost  and save manpower , suitable for remote area

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