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Portal Frame

Portal Frame means the combinations that is made up of  Coloum , Beam units . In industry and civilian buildings mostly used Single Span , Double Span and Multi-span Single Slope or Double Slope Portal Frame , the Largest Span in China can reach 72m for the Single Span Frame 

The Materials of Portal Frame
1)Section Steel , Welding Steel Coloum , Steel Beam , Base plate , ects the steel used Q345
2)Purlin , Fly bracing , Column Bracing , horizontally transverse braces , Steel rod ects , the steel used Q235
3)High-strength Bolt , Nut , Washer are friction-type.
4)Welding materials used E4301 or E4303 Welding rod
5)Galvanized Colour sheet or Sandwich panel used for Wall and Roof .


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