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June 14,2014.

Grain Storage Steel Silo for Sale

July 26, 2014.

Steel Factory Building for Sale June 21, 2014

Steel warehouse Building for Slae June 21, 2014

Residential Steel Building for Sale June 21, 2014

Sports Stadium Steel Building June 21, 2014

Observation Steel Building for Sale June 21, 2014

Airport Terminal Steel Building for sale June 21, 2014

Exhibition Hall Steel Buildings for Sale June 21, 2014

Commercial Steel Building for slae June 21, 2014


Observation Steel Building for Sale Airport Terminal Steel Building for sale

Container House with Stable Structure, Eco-friendly, Easy Erection and Transporting
Modular container house, easy to assemble and disassemble, with 20 to 25 Years Lifespan
Modular Container House with Structural Safety and Reliability, Packaging, Transportation Convenient
Steel Building with Earthquake Resistance Sturdiness and Strong Corrosion Resistance
Steel Structure Building with Large Span, Strong Seismic and Wind Resistance

March 26,2014, 8:04am

Steel Structures
Steel Structure Factory, Formed by the Main Steel Framework Linking Up H-section and Z-section 

March 23, 2014 10:21am

Heavy Steel Frame Structures
March 22, 2014 8:13am
Steel Building for Mauritius, with Excellent Anti-corrosion Property and Beautiful Appearance
Commercial Steel Structure Building with Eco-friendly and Lower Cost Maintenance Feature
Heavy Steel Structure Building with Welded H-style Steel Columns and Beams
March 19,2014 8:44am

Heavy Steel Frame Structure-Heavy Steel Frame Structure Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters
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steel structures


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