Heavy Steel Structure Building with Welded H-style Steel Columns and Beams


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Advantages of our Heavy Steel Workshop
1. Our heavy steel workshop adopts monolayer steel structure, with span of 3m and space column of 7.5m. It is designed with single slop, three spans and the gradient is 5%.
2. It is equipped inside with 100 ton double-beam bridge cranes, one 10 ton double-beam crane and one 3 ton electrical single-beam bridge crane.
3. The frame column is in lattice form. The column pier uses welded H shaped steel, and the web member uses angle steel. The frame bridge adopts welded H shaped steel, the same cross section with that of the frame column.
4. The bridge of the crane is equipped with riffled iron brake plate. They are connected by bolts and there is also auxiliary truss. In addition the column bracing uses composite structure of two pieces of angle steel.
5. The wall is made of thin-walled C shaped steel. The aeration skylight is set in the roof. The wall cladding system is made of monolayer galvanized color steel plate plus fiberglass heat preservation cotton.
6. It has low load bearing requirement and is easy to install. In addition it is much superior to the traditional reinforced concrete structure gallery.
7. The supporting structure and platforms of the conveyer system usually adopt steel structure. Goods and materials are generally conveyed through conveyer system on the gallery which also uses steel structure.
8. Our heavy steel workshop features light weight, high strength, wide span and the maximum column space is 50m

Applications of our Heavy Steel Workshop
With the development of steel structure industry, heavy steel workshop is increasingly used in mining, metallurgy and oil refining industries. In power plant engineering, the heating platforms, secondary beams, turbines on the roof, coal conveyors, air refrigeration platforms all adopt steel structure. In addition, in the petrochemical field, steel structure is usually used as the structural support system of the oil and gas pipelines, the main body frame of the plants, etc.

As a China heavy steel workshop manufacturer and supplier, our company also provides chemical plant steel structure, prefab house, steel factory building, and prefabricated steel villa, among others.

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Product Description
Our steel structure building is flexible layout, lowfoudation cost and can designed as per buyer's requirement

Product name: Steel structure building
Specification: Q235, Q345
Surface: Hot DIP galvanize or painted
Drawings: Can be designed as per buyer's requirement
Packing: As per the buyer's requirement
Loaded into 1X40ft GP, 1X20ft GP, 40HQ, 40OT

IT will be ok if you can supply us the followings:
(a) the building's size: Length, width, height, eave height
(b) doors and windows: Size, quantity, where to put
(c) local climate: Wind speed, snowload, earthquake( take any other serious weather into account)
(d) wall and roof (material): Sandwich panel or corrugated sheet.
(e) it is better for you to have the drawings or pictures. If not, we can design for you.

Our principle: Good quality, good service.

Looking forward to build the business relationships with you!

As one of the main types of building structures, steel structure is mainly made ​​of steel. Steel has advantages: high strength and rigidity, light weight, so it apply to the construction of large-span and high-rise, overweight building,

Mainly used for load-bearing framework of heavy-duty workshop, dynamical load workshop structure, shell structures, tall TV tower and mast structures, bridges and warehouse and other large-span structures, and high-rise construction.

Advantage: Low cost, disassemble and removable in use, design, construction and other aspects.

1. Large space. Steel structure building can be better meet requirements of separation than traditional building, also improve area utilization by reducing cross-sectional area of column and use of light wall. Indoor effective use area increase about 6%


2. Energy conservation. Light energy-saving standardized H beam, C beam, square steel, sandwich panels were used in wall. Good insulation properties, high seismic degree, saving 50% energy.


3. Earthquake resistance and wind resistance. The steel structure system for residential construction can take advantage of good ductility of steel structures, plastic deformation ability, has excellent earthquake and wind resistance, greatly improve the safety and reliability of buildings.

Particularly in the event of earthquake, typhoon disaster, steel structure can avoid collapse damage of buildings

4. Light weight. Steel structure system has light weight, which is about 50% of concrete structure, can greatly reduce the basic cost.

5. Fast construction speed. Construction period is shorter than the traditional residential system at least one-third, Five workers can finish a 1,000 square meters building in just 20 days

6. Environmental protection. Steel residential construction greatly reduces the sand, stone, ash content, the materials used are mainly green, 100% recycling or degradation, will not cause waste.


7. Comfortable. Large room design, the indoor space can be divided according to many programs to meet different needs of users


8. Durability. Cold-formed steel component is used in all light steel structure buildings, steel skeleton is made of super anticorrosive and high-strength cold rolled galvanized steel sheet, Effectively prevent steel sheet corrosion in building and using process, increase the usage age of light steel component up to 100 years.

Compared with ordinary reinforced concrete structure, steel structure has advantage such as uniformity, strength, fast construction speed, high seismic degree, easily recycled etc.

The strength and elasticity of steel is many times higher than that of masonry and concrete. Therefore, under the same load conditions, steel structure has light weight. From the destruction side, steel structure belong to ductile

destruction structure and has more larger deformation omen in advance, so it can anticipate dangerous.

Steel plant has light weight, less material, low cost, short construction period, large span, safe, reliable, attractive appearance, structure, stability and other advantages. So it is widely used in large-span industrial plant, warehouse, cold storage, high-rise buildings, office building, multi-storey parking lot, houses and other construction industry.

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