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Yingchun Steel Silo Factory is a professional supplier of Steel Silos since the year 1978.

In 2000, the name changed to:Steel Structures China Supplier

Grain Storage Steel Silo for Sale

July 26, 2014.


We are a professional supplier and manufacturer of steel silos, these silos are for corn storage, feeds storage, seeds storage , wheat storage , paddy storage , barley storage ,soybean storage , maize storage , pea storage, oil storage ,and also for poultry farm and all the agriculture usage.



The following photos are our project make for all the industries.

Grain storage Steel Silo, steel silo,steel silos, silos


Steel Silo for agriculture usage April 1, 2014.
Steel Silo for Poultry Farm April 1, 2014.
Steel Silo for Corn Storage
April 1, 2014.

Steel Silo for Feeds storage April 1, 2014.
Steel Silo for wheat storage April 1, 2014.
steel silo for paddy storage
April 1, 2014.

Steel Silo bins for barley storage April 1, 2014.
Steel silos for soy bean storage
April 1, 2014.

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