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Our steel structure building is flexible layout, lowfoudation cost and can designed as per buyer's requirement

Product name: Steel structure building
Specification: Q235, Q345
Surface: Hot DIP galvanize or painted
Drawings: Can be designed as per buyer's requirement
Packing: As per the buyer's requirement
Loaded into 1X40ft GP, 1X20ft GP, 40HQ, 40OT

IT will be ok if you can supply us the followings:
(a) the building's size: Length, width, height, eave height
(b) doors and windows: Size, quantity, where to put
(c) local climate: Wind speed, snowload, earthquake( take any other serious weather into account)
(d) wall and roof (material): Sandwich panel or corrugated sheet.
(e) it is better for you to have the drawings or pictures. If not, we can design for you.

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Steel structure has many advantages,such as: light weight, high strength, fast construction and so on, and therefore high-level, large-span, especially in high-rise, large span,steel structure is ideal. High-and ultra-high-rise steel structure, due to increasing about human cultural life, the high-rise, demands for large span building become more and more higher.


Along with the development of the new era, often foreign bid, it is differ greatly between the situation and the national emphasis on building our own innovation system, steel structure is widely used in China’s steel industry and occupies an important position, which should attract the attention of China’s construction industry, low lever or other reasons is worth considering.


In the same period, China’s development in this area is relatively slow, the level is relatively backward. In recent years, with the implementation of China’s reform and opening-up policy and promote China’s development has made rapid progress. During this period, China’s steel production became the first in the world. In recent decades, the United States, Japan, three countries has been the top three world steel production and their steel production in the world in turn first. In order to promote the further development of China’s steel structure construction, we need to understand the application of foreign steel structure construction profiles.In China, the steel used in building construction with steel, reinforced concrete with steel bars, steel wire, steel, doors and windows, of which only 10% of the steel, in our one hundred million tons of steel production in , but for the steel on the 200 to 300 tons. Such as the United States and Japan, the indicators have been more than 50%. Steel construction in these countries, building steel construction boom.


The so-called low-storey building is less than 18m, rise no more than 5 layers of industrial plants,workshops,sheds, warehouses, offices and other office and community buildings, etc., of which the following two non-residential building construction accounts for 70%. In the U.S., low-rise buildings with steel structure is still very common. Society of American Steel Manufacturers Association and the metal housing (AISC and MBMA) jointly developed low-rise building design guidelines. Low-rise, multi-story building of steel and light steel structure, metal construction of the main U.S. market distribution: industrial (production plants, warehouses and ancillary facilities, etc.), commercial (shopping malls, hotels, exhibition halls,, office buildings, etc.), community (private and public buildings such as community centers and schools, museums, libraries, churches, etc.), integrated, etc., respectively, accounted for 46%, 31%, 14% and 9% share.


Light steel structure with light weight, short construction period, adaptable, nice appearance, low cost, easy maintenance. As the light weight, but also reduces the cost basis. Foreign manufacturers such as light steel Butler, BHP, ABC and so has entered the Chinese market, China should catch up, to bring about conditions for positive development of our own system of light steel structure, in order to adapt to the continuous development of China in the future building requirements.


Light steel construction in some developed countries has been widely used in factories, warehouses, stadiums, exhibition halls, supermarkets and other buildings. The so-called light steel refers to the color as the roof and wall plates, to make thin-walled steel purlins and ring beam to weld "H-section call the shots and beams, bolts or welded splice site with the door frame as the main structure of a types of construction, together with spare parts, fasteners, doors and windows form a relatively complete building system, that is light steel structure system. this system consists of factory production, on-site assembly required form.

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